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All available Conference 2009 Workshops

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  1. Astrological Configurations Related to Mental Illness
    Maurice Fernandez

  2. The Secret Lives of Symptoms
    Jane Ridder-Patrick

  3. Vocational Profiling – The New Midheaven Extension Process
    Noel Tyl

  4. Horary in the Time of Pluto in Capricorn
    Kelly Lee Phipps

  5. Saturn and Ecstasy
    Michael Lutin

  6. Compassionate Trickster Training in Pragmatic Mysticism: Animating the Democracy of Our Souls
    Caroline Casey

  7. Precious Metals and Stocks: Illustrating the Art of Market Timing
    Raymond A. Merriman

  8. Shape Shifters: Powerful Planetary Patterns that Shape our Lives Individually and Collectively
    Chris McRae

  9. The Astrologer as Time Traveler
    Gloria Star

  10. Old and New Techniques of Birth Time Rectification
    Dr. Christoph Schubert-Weller


All available Conference 2009 Workshops


All available Conference Workshops

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